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Roundup Linked to Leukemia

If you or a loved one have used Roundup and suffered from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma or Leukemia, financial compensation, and settlement benefits may be available.


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What you need to know

About Roundup Cancer Lawsuits

Monsanto has settled over 100,000 Roundup lawsuits, paying out about $11 billion as of May 2022. There are still 30,000 lawsuits pending. This includes 4,000 cases in multidistrict litigation (MDL) in California. MDL cases are not class-action suits. Instead they group cases together so that instead of answering the same question repeatedly in each separate lawsuit, the courts can resolve some specific issues for all of them at once.
In June 2022, the Ninth Circuit filed a decision in a Roundup case. In the court’s opinion, the Ninth Circuit urged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reconsider its conclusion that Roundup does not cause substantial harm to people or the environment. Also in that month, the Supreme Court dismissed an appeal by Bayer in another Roundup case.
In July 2022, the 11th Circuit ruled that Bayer had failed to adequately warn about the risk of cancer from Roundup.

You may be compensated for:

  • Punitive Damages
  • Loss of Quality of Life
  • Emotional Distress
  • Special Education Costs
  • Caregiver Costs
  • All Related Medical Costs
  • Financial Loss
  • Other

Who can join the Roundup Cancer Lawsuits lawsuit fo rCancer?

If you are unsure of your eligibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

While the EPA suggests that there’s no direct link, the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s stance is more in line with scientific evidence. A study from the University of Washington found that exposure to glyphosate increased an individual’s risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma by 41%. That is significant.
The CDC recently released findings that up to 80% of Americans may have traces of Roundup in their urine, showing they have been exposed to it. Considering that 200 million pounds of Roundup are sprayed annually on U.S. crops, it is not surprising most of the population has been exposed to it.
If you have used Roundup even once, you could be at a higher risk of cancer. See your doctor regularly to watch out for symptoms.

There are lots of symptoms associated with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Keep a close watch for any of the following: shortness of breath; wheezing and coughing; swelling of the lymph nodes; swelling, fluid accumulation or pain in the abdomen; sudden weight loss; fatigue; weakness; night sweats; chills or fever.

It depends on many factors, including your medical diagnosis and prognosis, your ability to work, the costs of the treatment you need, the effect of your treatment on your quality of life, your pain and suffering and your mental anguish.
The ultimate value of your case rests on the extent of your injuries and how it affects your life. The more you can document, the better.
To prove your case, you’ll need to establish that you have used Roundup. Without this, you may not be eligible to file a claim.
If you used Roundup at your house, use your credit card statements, store receipts or even an empty or partially used container. If you used Roundup at work, get copies of your employment records, work orders or invoices showing Roundup purchases.
Once you’ve proved that you have used Roundup, you then need to show that you’ve received a cancer diagnosis. This is where things get more complex. Not only do you need to show the cancer diagnosis, you’ll need to show a link between Roundup and cancer.
You don’t have to prove conclusively that Roundup caused your cancer. Instead, proving that you used Roundup and you have cancer could be enough to get a settlement from Bayer.
Be prepared for Bayer to hit back. The company may claim you didn’t take the necessary safety precautions when using Roundup.

Roundup Linked to Leukemia

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